Growing Media & Hard Landscaping

Our range of growing media and hard-landscaping covers two broad ranges of products.

Growing media provides (or conditions) the rooting environment for plants, and includes common favourites such as multi-purpose composts, seed composts, top soils and soil conditioners like well rotted manure.  Our compost range also includes more specialised composts such as ericaceous compost for your azaleas, camellias and rhododendrons, houseplant composts and cactus composts.  We also now stock a range of increasingly popular environmentally friendly peat free composts.  

Our growing media range also includes a variety of granular materials such as sharp sand and perlite, to fine-tune the growing conditions for specific plants, such as by aiding water retention or increasing drainage.  Whatever you’re aiming to grow we aim to have something suitable in stock, and if the array of products available seems a little daunting, one of our colleagues will be happy to share their knowledge.

Our hard-landscaping includes decorative woodchips and a variety of bagged decorative aggregates and gravels in a range of colours, materials and grades.

A delivery service is available for certain items and areas.  Please contact us or pop in and ask a colleague for the cost to deliver to your address.